Commercial carpet tiles

If you’re preparing to floor a commercial space, it only makes sense to consider commercial carpet for any size project. Opting for the tile format can add even more impressive benefits and characteristics that make sense in many spaces. Quick and easy installation, durability, and attractive design options are all uses of this product line, and you'll want to learn more about carpet tiles as you prepare to shop.

Why commercial tiles?

With a tiled carpet option, one of the best benefits is the quick and easy installation that often comes from peel-and-stick pieces. Your installation team will make short work of the task, and you can walk on the carpet squares as soon as the service is completed. In addition, the ongoing traffic helps adhere the adhesive on the back of the tile to the subfloor beneath for an excellent hold. Another benefit is the exceptional durability of commercial carpet tiles, even under heavy loads and lots of foot traffic. It's vital to consider short fibers, looped piles for easy cleaning, and, better still, if the product has built-in stain and odor protection. These surfaces are harder to stain and easier to clean, even in spaces that see the heaviest traffic levels. Carpet tiles are known for adding one of the easiest ways to match your décor scheme, with extensive fiber, color, pattern, and design choices. You can also mix and match tiles with different visuals to create your unique design for a custom look that is yours alone. If you need ideas for décor matching or visual appeal, speak with an associate while you're in our showroom.

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